Synergy for Quality


Project Strategy

Admin - 21 Sep 2016

We believe that successful execution of each project requires the correct strategy. Effort must be placed on scheduling appropriate resources from both the client and the consultancy based on the project timelines. Also thought must be placed on how activities will interface with vendors, construction, and the expectation of your project goals. This does not directly change the compliance approach, but improves performance and efficiency particularly when schedules are critical and pressure can be intense. The following describes some of our project strategy ideals:

Team Synergy  We believe in an approach that leverages the strengths of the client, design firm, and vendors involved in a project. Cooperation is required to complete a project successfully and it is important that roles are understood. We effectively communicate the process of implementation of quality solutions and what is required to achieve those results to all parties involved in the project. Internally we rely on a team based approach to leverage diversity of consultant experience.

Integration  Quality solutions should be integrated to be most effective. In integration, startup activities assemble supporting documentation and perform shakedown testing of critical requirements prior to the qualification phase, which are documented in commissioning. With integration, these activities support the qualification and do not have to be replicated. Qualification protocols focus on the critical requirements and refer to commissioning documentation as acceptable to provide a complete solution.

Project Change Management  Changes to the system prior to and during the field execution of the validation document must be managed. This change management must be documented, approved by the appropriate stake holders, and will serve as a history of the project execution.

Resource Management  Effort is placed on scheduling appropriate resources from both the client and the consultancy based on the project timelines and client expectations and how the validation activities will interface with vendors and construction. Performance and efficiency are optimized particularly when schedules are critical. This is a task that will occur continually throughout a project.